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When appropriate, ProDrive can provide Class A instruction in a format other than that of a certificate course of Class A Driver Training. This alternative approach is best suited to situations where the individual requires a Class A operator's license but does not intend to enter the field of professional Class A driving (as a tractor trailer driver for a trucking company).


Individuals who qualify for this training include the self-employed individual who requires a Class A license to pursue their existing business or an individual whose employment requires that they possess a Class A operator's license. Also, individuals who already have a Class B license may use this approach to upgrade to a Class A license.

Documentation will be required to support the contention that a Class A license is required. Examples of documentation might include evidence of self-employment or a written statement from an employer that a Class A license is required for the individual's employment. This documentation will be judged on a case by case basis, and the requirement may be waived at the discretion of ProDrive.

Possession of a Class A learner's permit will be a prerequisite for any customized training. ProDrive can assist the individual in applying for permit testing.

Individuals seeking customized training should contact ProDrive to discuss the required documentation and to schedule a skill evaluation.


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